wild hearts

Here is that fire valley fire song i was telling you about ----> wild hearts

also, check out the sidebar for an upcoming xmas show. i am also doing an xmas singalong for kids at the library on dec 14th, because i am a mom now, haha.

Posted: 2019-11-25 23:15:56 UTC by ap

a new wind will blow

i haven't posted much lately. but i have a really great excuse. i was busy growing a human!

meet my little girl, river! she's been keeping me busy for the last little while, but i will be getting back into the swing of things soon.

while i was pregnant i had the chance to play some gigs, and i also got to do some special guest spots on some recordings that i am really excited about. one is the upcoming album by fire valley fire, and the other is this sweet rap song by mitchell bailey. check them out!

Posted: 2019-08-15 21:40:11 UTC by ap


so yellow is a thing again with a new lineup (i should just copy and paste this sentence in perpetuity, haha). we're gonna play a show in march, and play at least 4 new songs (what!?). til then, here are a few vids by our pal leech jessome from stoked 2018.

Posted: 2019-02-01 14:34:03 UTC by ap

long time no see

i have been rather busy lately and not in the posting mood, but i have not been idle (see sidebar for upcoming shows, that's always pretty up to date). here's a tune i recorded with yvette in 2018, i guess it's getting some radio play in cape breton which is neat! i think it came out great. if you google billie yvette or last minute rivet you can find some more of yvette's awesome tunes.

Posted: 2019-01-09 13:59:56 UTC by ap


click here to download another song by billie yvette!

Posted: 2018-03-28 16:58:45 UTC by ap

recording recording recording

for the last few months i've been taking turns hibernating, working on school stuff, and collaborating with my musical friends on various recording projects. some are complete, some in progress, and some planned, but it's a big year.

first things first, i am super excited to share with you this excellent tune by last minute rivet, a side project of my pal billie yvette rogers. i feel so lucky to get to play with yvette because she is one of my favorite songwriters and just an all around excellent human being. this wasn't the only tune that we recorded so keep checking back because i'll put links to them here when they are released.

click here to download the song.

just so you know i'm not pulling your leg, here's a little rundown of the other recording projects i am working on currently: i am working on another cd with my dad, i got to guest star on an upcoming alright already recording, static in action are in the lab preparing for an upcoming recording and i am going to sing a lil something with my pals fire valley fire pretty soon too! and more recorded and in progress with yvette. the studio is my happy place.

stay tuned for more recording news, and get ready for destigmatize in may (see sidebar for more details).

Posted: 2018-03-25 22:37:54 UTC by ap

home again

well, if you haven't heard from me in a while, it's because i've been away in halifax at grad school. i'll be back home mid december, and playing a number of gigs through the month. i'll also be working on a third cover album with my dad, because that project just brings both of us so much happiness. so yeah, keep an eye on the sidebar, looks like there will be gigs by just about all my bands this december: tamarack, static in action, billie yvette avenue, and solo shows.

enjoy a little static in action christmas cheer for now!

Posted: 2017-12-01 16:28:56 UTC by ap


since tamarack have a few gigs coming up this summer, we went ahead and made ourselves a facebook page and bandcamp page to host our recording of dream song. so check it out below, and keep an eye on the events bar at the right of this page for upcoming gigs!

Posted: 2017-06-30 15:28:22 UTC by ap

blue and gold

here's the new cd that dad and i made. i think it came out pretty nice!

Posted: 2017-05-04 12:28:43 UTC by ap

winter / spring blues

well it's supposed to be spring, but it is still snowing. i just finished a 3-show weekend, two of which were fundraisers for wonderful causes, and i realized i haven't updated anything in a while on here.

that's because i've been working on some stuff, namely: static in action are in the lab writing new songs, and me and my dad are recording a second album of bluegrass and old timey tunes (see below for a link to our last one).

so this is a note to let you know i'm still alive and doing things, and maybe i'll leave you with a youtube video for good measure. i'm still keeping the event bar up to date so check back to see what is on the go at any given time.

Posted: 2017-04-02 13:39:29 UTC by ap