welcome to my world

hello!  welcome to my brand new website!  i have been thinking about a website for a really long time, but i never got it together.  luckily i now have an amazing website designer for a boyfriend!  if you poke around on here you'll notice that almost everything i've ever recorded is available for free download in the music section.  there are videos too. and it's not all solo stuff either - i've put up some treats from past and present bands like yellow, static in action and the novemberists as well. 

i will be posting shows on here and i'll try to keep the blog updated.  i'll let you know about anything i am up to musically but i might also use this space to tell you about bands i like or things i enjoy.

speaking of what i am up to and bands i like, i have been jamming with some really awesome people lately.  i am hoping that some new songs will come out of it and i hope that there is some recording in my future - although there's not much money, i can tell you that. being in school is great but it does have limitations.  it won't stop me though, i have lots of ideas and plans to work toward.

so look around and check back as often as you like.  thanks for stopping by!

Posted: 2011-09-22 12:34:05 UTC by ap