so my friends at caper radio put up a new video that was taken a while ago at gobblefest. here it is:

i'm putting this up despite the fact that i hit some sour notes near the beginning (we'll say i was distracted by the improptu harmonizing) because it was a pretty magical moment. this was the acoustic songwriter's circle of gobblefest and i didn't know i would be playing this show. but when i arrived the organizers asked me if i'd get up and play a few songs, and while i did so my friends sean macgillivray and carolyn lionais (in the audience, not pictured) began to sing along with the most gorgeous harmonies. it wasn't a complete surprise, because i tend to rely on these guys to enrich my songs by singing along every time they are around for a show of mine, but yet, every time they do it i feel like i am incredibly lucky to know such talented people. i think you can tell how happy i was while this was happening in the video.

i'm gonna put this up in the video section as soon as i can AND there's gonna be a new, fancy, professional one by jenni welsh and stefan macneil any day now. in addition to that, i dug up some old demos that i didn't realize were on my computer and i'll throw them up in the archive any day now too. they're not the best quality, and they're more like b-sides, but some people like the b-sides better, you know? so anyway, stay tuned because there will be a bit of new stuff up in the coming weeks!