more content!

ok so i said stuff will be up in the coming weeks but i really meant only a few hours. well, first i have two new demos up.

one is a b-side called promises. i always found it a bit too long and was never able to really polish it to the point where i liked it as much as the other stuff, but this recording is nice and i guess it has its charms.

the other one is called sinking ships. the recording is really quiet and i was trying an experiment with a capella but i think it also has some charm. i used to play this with the responsibility band and it was super cool with drums. maybe i'll resurrect it, who knows.

the last thing i put up today is a cover song by ian macdougall, who i used to play in a band with (the tom fun orchestra). it's also really quiet but there is something kind of sparkly and pretty about this recording that i've always liked. i recorded it a long time ago and when i dug it up recently it made me smile. maybe you will like it too. anyway you can download it here.

so yeah, click those links or you can just go to the music tab and look around.