gettin' in the xmas spirit

well, i've spent all week singing christmas songs. i love this time of year - the trick is to avoid malls and only listen to good radio stations. the tunes don't end up driving you crazy. unless you are a poor unfortunate soul who works somewhere that plays them all day, in that case i can't help you. but anyhow, i'm all cheerful and i can't wait to put up my tree. and now that it's december i think i'll share a few early xmas presents with you.

if you click here you can hear a song by static in action that we recorded a christmas or two ago. it came out smokin' i think.

and here is a live (slightly drunken) recording of myself, carolyn lionais, and sean macgillivray (aka team powerhaus - see below for the video of us singing "how can i sing" together at gobblefest this year) doing a hawksley workman christmas song called three generations. this one was definitely a few years ago. again, charm.

i'll eventually put these up in a christmas section in the archive, but for now you can just enjoy them from here. i think you should check back soon, because there will be more treats in a few days!

*ps. i put up giant .wav files by accident. they should be fixed to normal sized mp3s now.