the new year approaches

despite having a bit of a cold and being really tired for much of it, so far this holiday season has been great. it's been filled with friends from away (and ones that have been here the whole time who are also awesome), family, and food. i'm thrilled to have time off school but also really looking forward to getting back and starting a new program. next term is 100% biology - my inner nerd-self is quivering with anticipation.

a few gigs coming up - tomorrow static in action is doing a benefit for attawapiskat. also playing is mortality work (an awesome band featuring my roomie jason burke who i also play with in the novemberists) and our buddies black tooth grinn.

then on the 14th i'm doing a live at caper radio with my pals carolyn lionais and ben furey. this will be particularly great because we can sing pretty harmonies together. you can listen to this live online at but it would be even better if you stopped by the station and listened in real life for free.

ALSO that video that we filmed that i was telling you about? or raving about, i guess. i am told it will be ready to go by the time that show rolls around, so i am crossing my fingers!

anyway, i hope you all had lots of time off from work and school or whatever you do, and i hope that time was as awesome as mine has been.