multi-show day

so tonight i am playing at flavor 19 at 6:30 with my friend chris poirrier (aka summers on vacation) and then again at the upstairs with heartwood slacks and bob & mal (bob destroys the guitar in black tooth grinn, and there's a video of me and mal singing a sarah harmer song in the music tab).

i was also asked to play with the billie yvette quartet (making it a quintet) today on cbc radio one at 5:30pm. I'm playing with them tomorrow too at the cape breton fudge co. at 3pm. this is awesome because yvette writes some of my very favorite songs, and i can't wait to sing harmonies.

i was going to record a few demos last weekend but i caught a bad cold, so i'll have them done soon (and of course you'll be the first to know).