sorry i haven't been posting. i was busy with school and then i got really sick for a week. next week is going to suck: i have 2 midterms and i have to make up a bunch of stuff that i missed this week. to top it all off, i don't think i can sing at the show tomorrow! i've been looking forward to it for ages! luckily, i have friends who are amazing at music and if i can't make it, the incomparable billie yvette rogers will fill in for me. phew. that's such a good line up i might just refuse to sing anyway, haha.

anyway, i hope you like the video. i really like it. i love playing with those guys. and i recommend checking out caper radio's youtube channel. there's a new video up by breagh mackinnon that is excellent, also by jenni welsh. another good one is this video by sprag session, previously known as the colin grant band.

and i will leave you with this video, which is a trailer for a show about my home town. it really warms my heart to see this, it seems like it's caught the things i love about whitney pier and shows them in the kind of warm light that i see when i think about the place.

welp, it seems that they took it down. anyway the pier is awesome.