winter is long

well i am happy to say i was able to sing after all. it was a close call but i was happy i pulled through. it was very lovely. carolyn and kyle are two of my faves - we used to play together all the time at the maple leaf lounge on charlotte street.

that bar was like "cheers" to me, if there was a show going on (or even if there wasn't), i could just show up and be sure that i would run into a friend there. my pal aaron corbett (lead singer of airport and ranger dan in the legend of the psychotic forest ranger - an awesome b horror movie made in cape breton) and i once spent a summer of tuesdays drinking beer there when we were often the only people in the bar. i saw and played some of my favorite shows at the leaf.

and the show on saturday really brought me back there. i even thought i could smell the old sofas and tables for a second. the upstairs is a wonderful venue, and the atmosphere and sound and crowd and the people who work there, it just beats anything else in sydney at the moment. i guess nostalgia always wins in these fights though.

there were only a few people at the show but i prefer that to a bunch of yelling drunks. carolyn played some old songs like jane's song, and sang so beautifully - her voice is like being wrapped in a silk blanket, it's so smooth and warm. she's captivating to say the least. kyle also played some old ones. i miss hearing him play, since he lives away now. he has a song called "break my back" that is about a minute long, and it's the nicest love song i've ever heard. there's some songs of his here, i'd suggest listening to "gone gone gone".

anyway. i just wanted to mention that the show happened as planned and everything was great. now i should be studying for midterm #2 - i'll take a moment to brag and tell you i got 100 on my last three tests (it's my website, i'm allowed), though i will certainly not get 100 on this one. and check it out, i'm on the internet elsewhere too! 1111 views! should i make a wish or something?