friend things

i'm playing a few times tomorrow - as you can see in the side bar. that's a lot of shows for a tuesday. there are quite a few shows in the works actually, with static in action, billie yvette's band and with my group, but nothing is confirmed yet.

i want to show you some things. first, i mentioned that awesome kyle evans song "break my back", but i forgot there's a video from that show. so watch it already.

and also, too hilarious not to mention, my pals from moncton, the motorleague are raising money for cyctic fibrosis. and the way they are doing it is awesome. they are doing videos of heritage moments, where they use the script for the heritage moment as lyrics for original songs. here are the first three:

the heritage moments have always been my jam, so these are delighful to me. and this puts me in mind of another excellent thing, so i will leave you with a true canadian gem: