so i am playing a show on the 22nd (super soon!) with my pals carolyn, ben and steve. we are going to call ourselves harmonia. i like that name because it sounds musical, and describes pretty much where i envision this band going but at the same time it's the genus of ladybugs, showing exactly how nerdy i am. in case you were wondering why this collection of people seems familiar (and delightful), let me refresh your memory:

the show is being put on by the incomparable caper radio. it will be filmed and recorded as well, similar to a show done in the same venue last year with the yarnells and heartwood slacks. you can check out the video from that show here. the venue is gorgeous!

and to top it all off, i did an interview with leah noble at dream big cape breton. it's a blog where she talks to people from cape breton to see what keeps them here and what they have to deal with to remain here among other things, in the hopes that it will shed some light on what needs to be done to keep young people around. anyway i did an interview where i mostly talk (complain) about music venues in cape breton, so i felt it was relevant. and here it is.