my friend sean

since having a website is relatively new to me, i'm still kind of figuring it out. something i am enjoying immensely is having a blog where i can talk about all the stuff that makes me really excited, especially when it comes to friends of mine who are amazing at music. continuing with that trend, today i will rave about sean macgillivray, who i've mentioned before, briefly.

i posted a video where he sang with me at gobblefest, which should be enough to show you how awesome he is at singing. but you may not know that he is also an amazing guitarist, songwriter, drummer, sound engineer, and player of every other thing, basically. he plays with classified and jenn grant, but he also plays in alright already - which was previously called great plains - which is a band where he writes the songs and sings and plays the guitars. they hadn't been playing much in the last little while, but seem to be at it again (to my delight). here's an interview he did recently:

so yeah, that band is obviously awesome. anyway it's just reminding me of how when i was younger i looked up to sean and harry and all these guys who were kind of the first wave of independent music in cape breton. bands like blindside/nothing to say (sean's old band), 77 impala special (harry and hector's old band), rock ranger, pulse, three piece suit. they were all so talented and only got better and better with time. now i have played with most of the guys i admired at one point or another, and you'd think the admiration would wear off, but it really doesn't, it's just that a layer of friendship is added on. it's kinda weird when younger people come up to me and say they feel the way about me that i did about those guys.