well oh well

school has been nuts lately. but today i finished the lab report from hell and i have a breather before exams begin. i'm focusing on the coral reef at the end of the tunnel to get me through - hopefully a tropical vacation and the prospect of cape breton summer will inspire some new music.

the harmonia show went awesome. ben and carolyn are the best people to sing with in the world, it just feels like a warm breeze. made of something delicious, like chocolate sauce. i can't wait until the videos are done so i can show you just how awesome it was. also i love playing with a drummer. i think i was spoiled because i used to play with devon strang, the former drummer for slowcoaster and tom fun. he's one of the best drummers in canada, as far as i am concerned. i have played with some awesome drummers, and recorded some great tracks with them, but devon is just the ideal match for me. he was such a thoughful percussionist -- he put so much dynamics and feel into my simple songs, it made them sound way better than they were. so imagine how stoked i am to play with steve wilton, who also happens to be a world class drummer. who also wants to play with me! who also makes my songs sound amazing. and has the same kind of dynamic, intelligent style. i am on cloud nine. the fact that this was recorded is so exciting for me.

so static in action has been playing a bit, and i think now that school's almost over i'll be playing a lot more with all of my bands and friends. depending on my summer employment (wild horses will not drag me back to the corner store), i may have a lot of time on my hands.

so check out the events bar, hopefully it will be populated soon with exciting shows. and sometime soon i'll have videos up from that show. happy springtime, everyone.