sun time

school is over (i aced everything), i went on a lovely vacation, and then i got a terrible cold. it was so terrible i had to cancel two gigs! and they were nice gigs too, one was a fundraiser for a local radio station and the other was an outdoor show that was part of the international day against homophobia / transphobia. but luckily both shows had other awesome musicians to fill the gap and i'm sure neither one missed me very much.

now i am starting to feel better, and i'll be looking to play some shows. especially since the weather is beginning to turn nice and warm and sunny - it just makes me want to sing. when i don't sing for a while i get all anxious. it's also the lovely interval in between school and working - i applied for a few jobs, but no one has called me yet. i kind of hope they wait a bit so i can enjoy the spring-ness and relaxation for a while.

i hope this summer i get the chance to play all around the island, and it looks like it might shape up that way. check out the events listings for some cool upcoming shows with billie yvette avenue (including one at the cape north culture center). and static in action are also looking to play some shows around the island this summer, i'll let you know when anything is confirmed.

anyhow, i don't have much in the way of news, there should be some video from the church show we played a while back any day now. one of the videos is up by the jaynes, so check that out for now. you can see how gorgeous the church was, if you weren't there.